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2022 TMXA Points Race Schedule

Riders must make 13 of 15 points races to be eligible for series championship. All races attended will count toward points, there will be no drops.

118 will have Friday night practice for all Saturday races.

Acen's will practice on Saturday's for their Sunday Races.

The series awards and prizes will be given out at the end of the season.  Date and location to be determined.


April 24-Acen's MX

May 15-Acen's MX

May 21-118 SX-Rained Out

June 4- Copperhead SX

June 11-Powerline SX

June 16-Murray SX Fair Practice

June 18-Copperhead SX

June 25-Murray SX

July 2/3-Rain Date

July 9-Powerline SX

July 16-Powerline SX

July 23-Murray SX

July 30-Murray SX

August 20-Rain Date

August 27-118 SX

September 11-Acen's MX

September 17-118 SX

September 24-Copperhead

October 1-118 SX Makeup (Rain Date)