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Praying for the family of one of our beloved riders Taylor Leigh #21, who lost his life in a car crash.

118 Sx
November 1
 Practice Saturday November 1
Practice 10am-5pm 
$20 per rider
Address is:
1Carney Rd
Dresden, TN 
For more information call
Paul Puckett 











 2014 TMXA Schedule


March 15- Copperhead Sx (Rained Out)

March 22- Murray Sx (Points Race)

April 5- Murray Sx (Points Race) 

April 13- Tumbling Creek Mx (Points Race)

April 19- 800 Sx (Points Race) 

April 26- Copperhead Sx (Points Race)

May 4- 800 Mx (Points Race) 

May 10- St. Jude's Benefit Practice Powerline SX                                                             (Non TMXA sanctioned)

May 17- Copperhead Sx (Points Race)

May 23- Benton Fair Race                                                                                           (Non TMXA sanctioned race)

June 1- Tumbling Creek Mx (Points Race)   

June 7- Powerline Sx (Benefit Practice) 

June 14- Murray Sx (Fair Race/non-points) 

June 21- Murray Sx (Points Race) 

June 28- West Kentucky State Fair Race                                                                   (Non TMXA sanctioned race) 

July 12- Powerline Sx (Points Race)

July 19- Powerline Sx (Points Race)

August 16- Powerline Sx (Points Race)     

August 23- Powerline Sx (Rain Date)

September 5- Copperhead Sx (Benefit Practice) 

September 6- Copperhead Sx (Points Race) 

September 13-Murray Sx (Non Points Race- 1 Moto 15 Lap Shootout)

September 19/20/21- Hidden Valley Mx (Luke Gibson Race)                                  (Non TMXA sactioned race.)

September 27- Tumbling Creek Mx (Benefit Practice) 

September 28- Tumbling Creek Mx (Points Race) 

October 4- Copperhead Sx (Prepped Practice)

October 12- 800 Mx (Rained Out) 

October 19- Glory Hills Mx (Points Race)

October 26- 800 Mx (Points Race) 

November 2-Glory Hills Mx (Rain Date) 

November 9- Tumbling Creek Mx (Rain Date) 

January 10, 2015 TMXA Banquet (Paris, TN) 


Welcome to the 2014 TMXA Season
We would like to welcome Glory Hills Mx to our Series this year.
 We will be having 1 points race here this year.
It is located in Carthage, Tn east of Nashville.
Also, we have made a couple of changes in our quad classes.
1st- we are not going to have 90 stock class this year, only a 90 modified.
2nd- we are changing the 70 quad class from automatic to a production class.
We will again this year have 16 points races, with 1 drop allowed.

You must race 9 of the 16 to be counted in the points for an award at the end of the season!